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We are a coalition of groups from parishes all over the state of Louisiana who believe that freedom of speech, expression, and information are the cornerstones of our Republic. To that end, our group was formed to protect our communities from those who would attempt to ban books, control access to information, and take away personal autonomy. We stand with all marginalized citizens and defend everyone's right to access books and materials from our public institutions. Not everyone will agree with every book in the library, and that's ok, cher. Just pick something else.


Louisiana libraries should provide a place where its citizens are given an opportunity to discover worlds and life experiences outside their own. This can only be accomplished when our publicly funded libraries have the resources and support they need to provide materials and services which reflect the lived experiences of EVERYONE who calls our great state home. 

In addition, we recognize the lifelong benefits of reading widely and extensively, including the development of critical thinking skills, attention to detail, and empathy, which are crucial for success in the modern world. 


Our goal is to unite families from across the state in the shared goal of making information freely accessible in our public and school libraries. We provide resources and support for anyone seeking ways to fight back against censorship in their community, as well as a central location for keeping track of those groups and resources. In addition, we oppose any legislation which attempts to infringe upon our citizens' First Amendment rights.


We fully support our professional librarians and library staff, who serve the needs of ALL members of our communities every day. We trust their collection development decisions, and  understand that it is not the business of individuals to limit access for the rest of the community. 


Together we are a strong voice for protecting the right to read and access information in Louisiana.

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