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2023 Louisiana Legislation Watch

The 2023 Legislative Session has now concluded. However, we are still awaiting the results of possible vetoes by Governor John Bel Edwards. Read on to see how YOU can help!

Quick Info About Each Bill With Our Bill Tracker!
Senate Bill 7


Senate Bill 7, filed by State Senator Heather Cloud (R-Turkey Creek), will impose state control over local library collection development and reconsideration policies, as well as requiring all public libraries in the state to offer tiered library cards to its patrons. The penalties for non-compliance can include the withholding of public funds from any library not following these new rules, as well as prohibiting the state bond commission from even considering the application to borrow money or levy a tax that benefits the library of any parish or municipality not in compliance with the proposed law.

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House Bill 628 (HB628)

House Bill 628, sponsored by Rep. Valarie Hodges (R-Denham Springs), makes an exception to state law with regards to the establishment of the library board of control in Livingston Parish, adding two additional library board members, for a total of nine. This is an obvious attempt by the Parish Council to garner more votes in order to get more favorable outcomes on library issues.

Find Analysis and Talking Points HERE.

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