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1. Subscribe to our

Each month, we send out a monthly newsletter with statewide updates as well as information about local groups you can join and actions you can take to stop book bans and attacks on libraries in your area.

Discussing Books
2. Join or Start a
Local Group.

As threats to libraries and the freedom to read grow across Louisiana, so does our network of groups committed to preserving access to books for everyone. Chances are, there's a group near you to connect with. Can't find a local group? We can help you start one.

Lecture Room
3. Attend a Board Meeting.

When books are threatened at your library, it's imperative that members of the public show up and speak up in support of keeping books on the shelves and available to all community members. Exercising your First Amendment right to free speech at public meetings is one of the most important ways you can fight potential book bans, and it's an incredibly powerful statement of support for marginalized members of the community. Even if you feel you cannot speak, simply showing up and expressing your opposition to book challenges or bans is a powerful statement and an important step.

4. Write or Call.

Calling or writing your local officials is an important part of making your voice heard. If there's a book challenge or a policy change on an upcoming agenda, writing to board members to express your opposition lets them know that libraries are for EVERYONE, and restricting or banning books and materials based on viewpoint goes AGAINST your community's values. Additionally, writing letters to the editor of your local media is a good way to share your voice with a wider audience, making sure the community is aware of book banning issues as well as the value of libraries and librarians. 

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5. Spread the Word.

Spreading the word on social media is one of the best ways to help. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, and share our content whenever you can. Encourage others to do so as well. 

6. Donate to Help Us Protect Libraries.

Your donations help us fulfill our mission - to educate and assist citizens working to protect their libraries from book bans and censorship. Every dollar you give goes back into those efforts, and helps us compete against well-funded and well-connected groups who want to take away your right to read freely.

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