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Ready to Take Action on HB 168?

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Louisiana Deserves Qualified Librarians.

House Bill 168, filed by Representative Josh Carlson (R-Lafayette), would change the requirements for anyone seeking the job of library director at a Louisiana public library. The proposed law changes the requirement that library director candidates have MLIS (Master's of Library Science) degrees, and instead states that directors can have ANY graduate degree. 

HB 168 was voluntarily withdrawn from the House Municipal Committee due to the bill author's lack of any evidence that there is a shortage of applicants for director positions in Louisiana, and the fact that this issue is local to Lafayette, and not in need of statewide remedy.

NOW, Rep. Carlson has had HB 168 moved to another committee- the House Education committee, where he hopes to have it heard again, in an attempt to have the bill reported favorably to the full House for a vote.

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