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American Library Association Fight Censorship Resource Center for Library Workers

With the unprecedented surge in local and statewide book challenges, ALA offers this clearinghouse of resources to assist library workers and advocates in responding to and supporting others facing those challenges.

Confronting White Nationalism in Libraries: A Toolkit

Developed by the Western States Center, Confronting White Nationalism in Libraries is a resource by and for library workers to use when bigoted groups try to organize in our communities.

ALA Selection & Reconsideration Toolkit

Every library — academic, public, and school (public, private, charter, independent, and international) — should have a comprehensive written policy that guides the selection, deselection or weeding, and reconsideration of library resources.

ALA Report Censorship Toolkit

The American Library Association's Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) encourages library workers and educators to amplify the "Report Censorship" message. 

The information gathered from these reports helps OIF: 

Stay on top of trends
Supply library workers crucial tools, resources, workshops, and programs
Compile the Top 10 Most Challenged Books list and trend reports for public awareness

Banned Book Survival Guide

A survival guide for librarians and library workers packed with information on surviving the current wave of book challenges, defunding crises, and personal attacks. Includes sections on the history of censorship, best practices for school and public libraries, the current legal landscape, programming ideas, community activation strategies, and more!

National Coalition Against Censorship

We promote freedom of thought and inquiry and oppose censorship. When controversy occurs, we encourage and facilitate dialogue between divergent voices and perspectives, including those that have historically been silenced.

EveryLibrary Institute

The EveryLibrary Institute supports education, research, and training on a wide variety of topics related to library advocacy and civic engagement.

PEN America

PEN America’s free expression and education program works to reconcile these tensions by working with schools, colleges, and universities to ensure robust protections for academic freedom and freedom of speech are balanced with advancements in diversity and inclusion, as well efforts to redress legacies of discrimination and inequity. Our team of experts engage in research, advocacy, trainings, public events, and youth programming, and we have developed specialized resources for college administrators, faculty, and students.

American Library Association

The staff of the Office for Intellectual Freedom is available to answer questions or provide assistance to librarians, trustees, educators, and the public about the First Amendment and censorship. Areas of assistance include policy development, minors’ rights, and professional ethics. Inquiries can be directed via email to or via phone at (312) 280-4226.

Penguin Random House Banned Books Resources Hub

At Penguin Random House, we believe in the right to freedom of expression and protecting writers against censorship. Reading is indispensable in having an informed, engaged democracy, and the dramatic rise in efforts to ban books in public schools and libraries—many of them by BIPOC or LGBTQ voices—threatens the advancement of our society and culture.

Book on Table
Unite Against Book Bans

Unite Against Book Bans is a national initiative to empower readers everywhere to stand together in the fight against censorship.

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